January Open Office For Words


January’s The Open Office for Words took place on the 18th of January at ADA, Area for Debate and Art, Rotterdam.

The Office served fresh blueberry and rasberry muffins, carrot&courgette cake, with a honey and cream cheese topping. A selection of Earl Grey, Jasmine, Fenkel&Liquorice and Rooibos tea was poured.

The following reader has been compiled from the texts and artworks that were present.


Acts of Memory, Cultural Recall in the Present,
(ed.) Mieke Bal, Jonathan Crewe and Leo Spitzer, University Press of New England, 1999.
Matter and Memory, Henri Bergson, Dover Publications, 2004.

, Marc Augé, University of Minnesota Press, 2004.
Camera Lucida
, Roland Barthes, Vintage Classics, 2000.
Prosthetic Culture; Photography, Memory and Identity,
Celia Lury, Routledge, 1998.
Walter Benjamin Archive; Images, Texts, Signs,
Translated by Esther Leslie, ed. Marx, Schwartz, Schwartz, Wizisla. Verso, London, NY, 2007.
Landschap en Herinnering,
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Experience, Memory, Re-enactment,
Piet Zwart Institute/ Revolver Archiv für Aktuelle Kunst, 2005.
Resonant Bodies Voices Memories,
ed. Bangma, Donoghue, Issa, Zdjelar, Piet Zwart Institute /Vice Versa Verlag, 2008.
Siegfried Kracauer in The Mass Ornament;Weimar Essays, Translated, edited and with an introduction by Thomas Y. Levin, Suhrkamp Verlag 1995.

W.G. Sebald, The Modern Library NY, 2001
Funes, The Memorius
, Jorge Luis Borges. Read the text here.
Op Zoek Naar de Verloren Tijd; De Kant Van Zwan,
Marcel Proust, Translated by Cornips, Veenis-Pieters, Lijsen. De Bezijge Bij, Amsterdam, 2002.

Memory, Myth, Photography: A Photographic Exhibition by Sarah Edge, Context Galleries, 2005.
Of Time and Place, Walker Evans and William Christenberry, Amon Carter Museum together with the Friends of Photography, Ansel Adams Centre, 1991.
Het Eeuwige Moment/ The Eternal Moment: A Photographic View of Cultural Preservation by Wijnanda Deroo, Mirjam de Zeeuw and Wout Berger.
Joel Sternfeld, Schirmer / Mosel, Munchen-Paris-London, 1996.
The Site And The Memory; Landscape As Contemporary Experience.
Charta, Milano, 1996. (Il Luogo e la memoria)
-Christian Boltanski,
Phaidon, 2004.

Imaginary Homecoming,
Jorma Puranen, Pohjoinen, 1999.

Deep Storage: Collecting, Storing and Archiving in Art, ed. Schafer, Winzen, Prestel; Munich, New York 1998.
Archive Fever: Uses of the Document in Contemporary Art, Okwui Enwezor, Gardners Books 2008.

Art works:
, Maja Bekan, 2005.

Human Camera, Lindsay Seers, 2007.
Rehearsing Memory
, Deirdre M. Donoghue, 2007.

Funeral, Maja Bekan, 2005

Funeral, Maja Bekan, 2005

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