Excursion to Ghent


ADA Rotterdam organises an excursion to Ghent on Thursday 5 March 2009. We will visit the exhibition Towards Confluence and the museum of Dr. Guislain.

Towards Confluence
The nine artists and two curators involved, come from different national and political backgrounds. In the exhibition space they will meet in order to see how, when and why things come together or why some things are separated and will never meet. The exhibition is curated by Remco de Blaaij and Kamila Wielebska. The artists showing their work are: Æ (Ramon Hulspas and Erik Vermeulen) / Erica Boom / Tamara Dees / Grzegorz Klaman / Joanna Malinowska / Tanja Muravskaja / Patrycja Orzechowska / Ernő Rubik

Dr. Guislain Museum
The museum is housed in a 19th Century pschiatric hospital. There are different collections on view: the first is outsider art, the second is an ongoing inquiry into how photography reveals attitudes about madness past and present, and the third is a history of the hospital and Dr. Guislain and, thus, the cultural history of madness.

If you wish to join the trip to Ghent we kindly request you to let us know before Monday 2 March. Please send an e-mail to info[at]adarotterdam[dot]nl

Practical information:
Date: Thursday 05.03.09
Costs: € 36,20 for the train ticket. (Rotterdam to Ghent)
€ 6,00 entrance fee for the museum

For more information please contact Esmé Valk.
E: info[at]esmevalk[dot]com
T: 06-48448322

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