The Open Office for Words

The theme for The Open Office For Words in March is Representation.

Guest speakers include Ruth Legg whose art practice is engaged in examining the ways in which an image, object or set of words is made to represent a range of ideas, system of beliefs or produce a collective mood. Her talk entitled The Look of Science will present a work in progress, which addresses the way in which science, through-out history has used imagery to present difficult ideas.

Edward Clysdale Thomson’s talk A Leopard, Some Monkeys, Numerous Butterflies, Dozens of Peacocks and a Sublime Vista describes a journey around Rotterdam Zoo, highlighting the influence of successive scopic regimes, embedded in the Zoo’s architecture of display, on the behavior of the Zoo’s guests; relating each construction of looking to the politics of representation.

You are cordially invited to search through your resources and to see whether you perhaps might have something to contribute. Books, journals, research papers and images related to Representation in the arts and science are all welcome, as are art-works, documentaries and interviews in a dvd-format. Please inform The Open Office for Words about all possible material that you may have and wish to contribute.

Practical information:
Sunday 01.03.09 | Theme: Representation
13:00 – 15:00 | Studio 207 | Houtlaan 21 | Rotterdam
The Office commences at 13.00 sharp and closes again aprox. at 15.00.

E:  openofficeforwords[at]gmail[dot]com
T: 06 – 53323708

Please Note: Due to the building regulations it is necessary to inform The Office in advance about attendance. You can do so by email up to the day before and by phone on the day itself.

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