March Open Office for Words


The Ultimate Explanatory Representation of the Self, Priscila Fernandes, 2009

The Open Office for Words:
March’s Open Office for Words took place on the 1st of March at ADA, Area for Debate and Art, Rotterdam.

Speakers included: Priscilla Fernandes, Edward Clydesdale Thomson and Ruth Legg.

The talks are also available as podcasts: 
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The Office served Chocolate Date-Cake, Classic Cheese Cake and Lemon Taart. A selection of Coffee, Rooibos and Chinese Jasmine tea was poured.
A reader has been compiled from the texts and artworks that were present.

MARCH READER: Representation


 The Burden of Representation: Essays on Photographies and Histories, New York; Palgrave MacMillan, 1988.
– Techniques of the Observer, Crary, J, Cambridge, Massachusetts,The MIT Press, 1992. ISBN 0-262-53107-0.
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Paintings, Or Signs and Marks, Walter Benjamin in Selected Writings Vol.I (1913-1926), ed. Bullock, Jennings, The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1992.
The Work of art in The Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Walter Benjamin in Art in Theory 1900-1990; An anthology of Changing Ideas, ed. Harrison, Wood, Blackwell Publisher ltd. 1992.
Ways of Seeing, John Berger, Penguin Books, 1972.
-On Photography, Susan Sontag, Penguin Books, 1971.
Against Interpretation and Other Essays, Susan Sontag,Picador, USA, 2001 (1962).
De Sublieme Historische Ervaring, Frank Ankersmit, Groningen 2007.
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– Experience, Memory, Re-enactment, ed. Bangma, Rushton, Wust, Piet Zwart Institute for Postgraduate Studies, Revolver Archive fur aktuelle Kunst, 2005.

Art Works:

-The Writing Room, Maria Barnas, 2007.

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