P for Performance announces “Debt”


P for Performance is pleased to announce a second performative event: “Debt” is an online reading by Gunndís Ýr Finnbogadóttir. It is an one–to–one event. One does not even need to leave the comfort of ones house to partake. To participate you should own a skype name and/or landline/mobile number. The event takes place between 16.00 and 18.00 o’clock on Sunday the 29thof March.

“Debt” by Gunndís Ýr Finnbogadóttir; an online reading – business strategy for all the money in the world because you asked for it and because you are being Armani and on the back of the Napkin it says “Winner take all” but we know that it is only women who mean business who endure passion from energy markets and perfect risk management breaking the age of turbulence instead of being fooled by randomness. Getting things done is getting unstuck in order to hug your customers. – with a short video. 

Gunndís Ýr Finnbogadóttir is an artist based in Reykjavik and Rotterdam. Her work evolves around acts and rituals of recollection, often related to her own family history and traditions. Recent exhibitions include: Our Dutch Point of View, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam (2006); Fragmented Show, C/O careof, Milan (2006); Neo Beginners, TENT, Rotterdam (2006); Tina b., Prague Contemporary Art Festival (2007); Hotel New York, Inquiry in Location, Hotel New York, Rotterdam (2007); Smooth Spaces, Dwarf Gallery, Reykjavik (2007); My Travels with Barry, TENT, Rotterdam (2008); Revisiting Belgrade, Hotel Kasina, Belgrade (2008).

P for Performance is part of an ongoing project by Maja Bekan, entitled “Secret Powers for Identity, Security and Self-respect in Troubling Times”. The aim of these performance events is to try to critically engage with the investigation of the artist’s role as a producer and advertiser.

Practical information:
Date: Sunday 29 March
Time: 16:00 – 18:00 
Reservations: pforperformance[at]gmail[dot]com. Please include the details with which you wish to be contacted (your skype name or telephone number). 
Contact: Maja Bekan (06-28266857)

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