Cinema Sunset presents: Modern Man and the Apocalypse

Modern Man and the Apocalypse: selected films by Roderick Hietbrink
A screening of the two short films La Jetée and Det perfekte menneske followed by Themroc.


La Jetée (1962) by Chris Marker

Modern Man and the Apocalypse: introduction by Roderick Hietbrink
Release: La Jetée: 1962 (28 min), Det Perfecte Menneske: 1967 (13 min), Themroc: 1973 (100 min).
Runtime total programme: 141 min
Director: Chris Marker, Jorgen Leth, Claude Faraldo 

La Jetée
Set in the near future, the earth has barely survived an all-encompassing nuclear holocaust, which has driven the remnants of humanity underground. With minimal resources, scientists entombed beneath the ruins of Paris are searching for salvation through the single avenue left open; Time. They examine the possibilities of time travel, through the mind of a test subject, who is haunted by images from a childhood trauma. As a small boy he had witnessed the shooting of a man at an airport and found himself gazing into the entrancing face of a young woman. It is this single moment that will, the technicians hope, provide a connection across time for their time-traveller.

Det Perfekte Menneske
An elegant and humorous film in the guise of a serious anthropological treatise spotlights “The Perfect Human”, a model of the modern Dane created by our wishful thinking.

An anarchistic portrait of a French bluecollar worker who can’t stand the daily grind any longer and decides to rebel against the modern society. Wrecking his apartment and transforming it into an urban cave he starts to act like a Neanderthal. This act of anarchy is catching on and soon his neighbours from across the street are doing the same. None of the characters speak in an understandable language, shouting and babbling instead. The society is depicted as dehumanising, monotonous and overbearing.

Practical information:
Tuesday 05.05.09 | Modern Man and The Apocalypse (La Jetée, Det Perfekte Menneske and Themroc)
19:30 | studio 209 | Houtlaan 21 | Rotterdam

Please note: Due to the building it is important to come on time. 

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