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History Will Repeat Itself, KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

The theme for May is: In Discussion on Re-enactment.

May’s Open Office for Words looks at selected art works, research processes and participant experiences on re-enactment. Guest speakers include Margo Onnes who will present material from the 1960’s popular television series The Avengers in conjunction with her own work on re-enacting Emma Peel, one of the original characters of the series. Gerwin Luijendijk will present his current work-in-progress on re-enacting 1980’s music videos and Sjoerd Westerbroek will talk about his experience on taking part in an re-enactment of Allan Kaprow’s piece ‘The Birds’ at The Van Abbe Museum in 2007. A discussion on the related topics of viewers vs. participants, documentation vs. a singular experience, and many other questions concerning re-enactments from the points of view of the artist/performer and the viewer/participant will follow. 

You are cordially invited to search through your resources and to see whether you perhaps might have something to contribute to the theme of Re-enactment.

Practical information:
Sunday 03.05.09 | Theme: Re-enactment
13:00 – 15:00 | Studio 207 | Houtlaan 21 | Rotterdam
The Office commences at 13.00 sharp and closes again aprox. at 15.00.

E:  openofficeforwords[at]gmail[dot]com
T: 06 – 53323708

Please Note: Due to the building regulations it is necessary to inform The Office in advance about attendance. You can do so by email up to the day before and by phone on the day itself.

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