P for Performance presents: Spray Me Gorgeous

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P for Performance is pleased to announce a sixth performative event: Spray Me Gorgeous, a performance by Maja Bekan. Watch the video here.

Tanning party! Bucking the credit crunch!

We accordingly invite you to a one-of-a-kind event; the unique experience of a tanning session. It can take place in the comfort of your own living room, or if you prefer in an ADA studio space. The choice is yours! Depending on your personal wishes it can be a one-to-one experience or a shared one with your friends. A Sienna Spray instructor will schedule an appointment at your convenience.
All you need to do is to remember that the key to a successful tan is the correct preparation and application. Reserve your place! Now! Dates to pick your session are: 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th of July. So get ready for SUMMER and beat the recession with a perfect tan!!!

The Benefits of a Sienna X Spray Tan:

As you might by now be aware of the harmful effects of the natural sun rays upon your skin, you are probably also aware that more and more people are opting for UV-free, sunless tanning. In just ten minutes you can have a safe and a beautiful tan achieving the same result, but without the ageing effects, as ten days in the sun would give you. Tan application has become easier, less messy and offers better results than ever before. Among friends and colleagues you can fully experience all the benefits of the Sienna X Spray Me Gorgeous -product and enjoy a nice relaxing afternoon with music and drinks.

The price of this unique tanning session is only 10 euros. We strongly advise you to create your own tanning party and to invite your friends! Tanning parties are a great way to meet new people, to potentially increase your client base and to make instant profit.
Bring your friends along and we will offer you a reduced prize. (For groups of 3 and more, the charge is 5 euro).

Last advice: Exfoliate!

Sincerely yours,
Sienna Instructor
Maja Bekan
For information on how to create a tanning business with Siennax call now on 01950527070

P for Performance is part of an ongoing project by Maja Bekan, entitled Secret Powers for Identity, Security and Self-respect in Troubling Times. The aim of these performance events is to try to critically engage with the investigation of the artist’s role as a producer and advertiser.

Practical information:

Performance: ‘Spray Me Gorgeous’ by Maja Bekan
Dates: 8, 9, 10 and 11th July
Time and location: to be confirmed through reservation.
Reservations: pforperformance[at]gmail[dot]com
Contact: Maja Bekan (06-28266857)

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