Work in progress presentation by Tomasz Kaye

Joystick Sketches

Joystick Sketches

Tomasz Kaye is a musician living in Rotterdam working under the project name Mormo. Mormo occupies a territory between the organic and the synthetic, working primarily with electronics and software, often using home-made devices.

Tomasz will give an informal presentation about his work during his residency at ADA. He’ll explain an electronic music instrument he’s developing, and give a demonstration of its use. There’ll be an opportunity to ask questions and discuss ideas relating to the presentation.

A video recording of this event can be viewed here.

You can listen to Mormo music at and find Tomasz’s digital music technology blog at

Practical information
Wednesday 23 September | Tomasz Kaye a.k.a. Mormo
20:30 | Studio 208 | Houtlaan 21 | Rotterdam

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