Zicht op Zalmhaven, no. 2


Issue no. 2: 'Freedoms and Choices'

On 29 September 2009 Joel Anderson and Dora García met for a conversation on Freedoms and Choices in Zicht op Zalmhaven. Joel Anderson, is a research lecturer in philosophical anthropology who currently holds a position at Utrecht University. García’s work deals with the creation of situations that serve to alter the traditional relationship between artist, artwork, and spectator.

Zicht op Zalmhaven is a single-table restaurant to which guests are invited for a three course meal and an interdisciplinary conversation. The meeting aims for the exchange of thoughts and ideas between people in the hope that new perspectives on a given subject can come to exist and feed back into ones own research.

Zicht op Zalmhaven is a project organised by Esmé Valk. The conversation between Joel Anderson and Dora García took place in TENT. as part of the exhibition Blurrr. You can download a pdf transcript of their conversation here.

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