‘Florida’ exhibition announcement

ADA will take part in the exhibition ‘Florida’ organised by Tent. in ‘t Gemaal. De Player, ADA, Sensational Mix and NAC, initiatives based in South Rotterdam, have been invited to ‘take over’ ‘t Gemaal for one week to present their way of working. The exhibition opens on Saturday the 12th of December at 16.00 and runs until the 24th of January.

Between 30 December and 3 January ADA will create a winter garden in ‘t Gemaal. People are invited to view the surrounding botanical display and to use the garden for coming together, meeting, talking, relaxing and reflection. Gardens are a marker of civilized life. They represent order and culture, express philosophy and support ideologies. Their design directs our gaze and choreographs our bodily movement in and through space. Gardens evoke scenes, they mimic nature and orchestrate illusions for the purposes of visual pleasure, but they also inspire and educate, hide and reveal, shelter lovers and honor the dead.

The garden in ‘t Gemaal forms a thematic point of departure for a number of activities, such as a lecture on the architecture of interior public spaces. Two artist talk on their works and present the material they have collected during their research. Besides this a poetry reading is organised in the garden as well as a lecture from the kitchen and a concert composed for plants.

In addition to the winter garden in ‘t Gemaal regular public projects Cinema Sunset, P for Performance and Open Office for Words are held at the ADA studios.

The Winter Garden programme in ‘t Gemaal:
Saturday 2 January 2010 | 17.30 – 20.30
17.30 Kitchen Lecture, a performance by Deirdre M. Donoghue, hosted by P for Performance. The performance is accompanied by a meal.
19.00 A lecture on video by artist/designer/writer Mark Pimlott on the architecture of interior public spaces.

Sunday 3 January 2010 | 15.00 – 18.00
15.00 The Symbolics of Swimming Pools in Classical Cinema. A presentation of research by video artist Margo Onnes.
Coffee Break.
16.00 Poetrying, an open poetry reading organised by artist duo SKART and Maja Bekan for P for Performance. To participate with your poems please send your name, date of birth and 2 poems to: pforperformance[at]gmail[dot]com
17.45 A ‘garden concert’ specially composed for plants by Gerwin Luijendijk.

On all days a diaporama can be viewed and listened to in the garden. In the diaporama artist Matts Leiderstam talks about his work.

Shaw Gardens (August 1915)

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