Cinema Sunset presents: Andy Warhol Shorts ’63-‘66

'Blow Job' by Andy Warhol

A screening of selected early short films of Andy Warhol. Introduction by Jim Turbert. Runtime total programme: 120 mins

Between 1963 and 1968 Andy Warhol produced over 60 films and 472 short black-and-white Screen Tests. His experimental films which emphasise stillness and duration came to be known as structural film.

As a filmmaker, Warhol was a provocateur of duration. Most of the films that were shot during the early sixties were fabled for there epic lengths: Sleep (1963), a five-hour portrait of the young poet John Giorno, and Kiss (1963) a 50-minutes film that exposes non-stop kissing people. The 35-minutes film BlowJob is one continuous shot of the face of DeVeren Bookwalter supposedly receiving oral sex; whilst the camera never tilts down to show it.

Although Warhol’s Screen Tests are short 4-minute portraits of factory visitors, they are also monumental in sum. Shot with his stationary 16 mm Bolex camera on silent black and white, each Screen Test is exactly the same length, lasting as long as the roll of film. In his Screen Tests, Warholl exposes his own selected group of “superstars”. Stars that hypnotize, simply by being themselves and stare at the camera as “living portaits”.

In the March Cinema, artist and photographer Jim Turbert will show a selection of Warhol’s early short films that made a deep impression on him during his studies at the Massachusetts College of Art from 1997- 2001. Turbert’s own art practice deals with the randomness of media exposure and the meaningless void of voyeuristic hedoism.

Practical Information:
Tuesday 30 March | 19:30
Andy Warhol shorts introduced by Jim Turbert
ADA Rotterdam | Project space | Bree 93 B |Rotterdam
Contact: margo.onnes [at] gmail [dot] com

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